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Sledge Hire Oberwiesenthal

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Sledge Hire Oberwiesenthal

Tobogganing on the Fichtelberg

an experience for young and old! Winter fun even without skis or snowboard on the highest mountain in the Ore Mountains.

Where is the tobogganing?

ℹ️ Note: The toboggan run from Fichtelberg and the toboggan slope are currently still closed.

Toboggan run from the Fichtelberg

The natural toboggan run on the Fichtelberg (start Fichtelberg plateau) has a length of 1740m. You can reach the starting point by taking the Fichtelberg suspension railway or the quad chairlift.
The route descends through the dense spruce forest of the Fichtelberg area with flat and also steep curves.

Oberwiesenthal toboggan run

For the somewhat smaller holiday guests, the toboggan slope below the “Panorama Hotels” with a length of 160 m can be used.

Hammerunterwiesenthal toboggan run

Whether you just want to toboggan without having to walk up the hill, or watch the children having fun in the snow – everything is possible at the 300m long toboggan slope in Hammerunterwiesenthal. Snowmobiling is also possible here.